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Life is fleeting and I love that I can freeze any moment one frame at a time; I am passionate about capturing moments today that you can hold close to your heart tomorrow.

Hi, I

Am Nicole

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I fell in love with photography back in college and have continued to grow my passion capturing life's beautiful moments on camera. My husband and I have two handsome, rough-and-tumble, boys with a lot of love for transformers and superheroes. We love to spend our time together in nature, during all seasons.

My kids help me see the world from a new & exciting perspective.

My last meal on earth would be

Get to know the real me

authentic mexican tacos

If I could go anywhere, it'd be

space, obviously.

My peloton is the most fun during

a Kendall Toole metal class!

In my spare time, I love to

hot tub with A glass of bourbon

Nothing makes me happier than

seeing my two little boys smile

We are already best buds!

Let's not waste another moment.